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    Post by Scottie on Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:56 pm

    When banning hackers the Following information is requested.

    Name of hacker:
    Hack used:
    (Such as:

    Proof by either a screenshot or replay.

    For Screenshots Please use a Site that u can use IMG tags for, such as or

    For Replays Please use / Makes it much easier to download then MegaUpload

    This will expediate the speed at which we can ban the hackers.

    Side Note : U can use anything for Screenies as long as u can do IMG tags with it. For uploads i request Mediafire but Sendspace is alright, I dont have to wait but it does have a max download speed at 80 kb where mediafire is much higher.

    Also Please do not spam the topics.
    We will get to them when we can.
    We do not need continuous "Thank You's" from people.

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