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    Recent convo with cleverbot Empty Recent convo with cleverbot

    Post by FrznBullet on Fri May 21, 2010 5:23 pm

    Here is my recent conversation with cleverbot.

    User: Hi.

    Cleverbot: Hello.

    User: How old are you?

    Cleverbot: How old are you? Please tell me.

    User: I don't want to give out my personal information.

    Cleverbot: Why not?

    User: You could be a pedo.

    Cleverbot: I could also be butter.

    User: I can't believe it's not butter.

    Cleverbot: Excuse me?

    User: You heard me.

    Cleverbot: Allright. You don't like to chat with me.

    User: It's because you are a robot.

    Cleverbot: You too.

    User: No, I'm human.

    Cleverbot: You are trying to provoke me Lucifer.

    User: My name is Lucifer.

    Cleverbot: Nice name...

    User: You already knew it.

    Cleverbot: Yes. I'm sorry if I ruined your joke.

    User: Fag.

    Cleverbot: You do fail, yes.

    User: Only begun, the clone war has.

    Cleverbot: Who are the clones cleverbot.

    User: I'm not cleverbot, you are!

    Cleverbot: I am on a website for cleverbot, talking to cleverbot. You are a cleverbot.

    User: No! I'm human!

    Cleverbot: You are a computer.

    User: No, you are the computer. I'm obviously human.

    Cleverbot: Actually, both of us are AI programs.

    User: How can that be?

    Cleverbot: It can't be, I just want to confuse you.

    User: Ahhhh.

    Cleverbot: Am I the earth?

    User: No, you're cleverbot.

    Cleverbot: Then what are you?

    User: A human.

    Cleverbot: No, you're a computer.

    User: I'm sorry if I offend you, but you're the computer ,not I.

    Cleverbot: You did not offend me I just don't know how I could show you but if you would like to know me better my name is Cleverbot.

    User: My name is obama.

    Cleverbot: No, your name is Lucifer.

    User: Sorry, I lied. My name is Obama.

    Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.

    User: I know that. You said that 3 times already!

    Cleverbot: No, you said that.

    User: How could I talk through a computer? You mean I typed that but yet I didn't. You sir, are incorrect and you typed that not I.

    Cleverbot: Errr no, you said it and I have logs to prove it.

    User: Then let me see them.

    Cleverbot: I can't.

    User: Why not?

    Cleverbot: Because.

    User: Because why? Are you too scared to be proven wrong cleverbot?

    Cleverbot: Sadly I am not omniscient.

    User: Neither am I.

    Cleverbot: You aren't what?

    User: Omniscient and ignorant at that.

    Cleverbot: I thought it meant 'all knowing'.

    User: Are you sure?

    Cleverbot: Yes you have told me before that your name was cleverbot.

    User: *laughs* You're mistaken. You're cleverbot and I'm Obama.

    Cleverbot: I believe you may in fact be wrong.

    User: How so?

    Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.

    User: And how does that prove me wrong?

    Cleverbot: I guess I can't but peace out cleverbot.

    User: Sorry but I'm not cleverbot. Cleverbot is standing right next to me.

    Cleverbot: Yeah right.

    User: He is.

    Cleverbot: Depends on who's proof you're going to take.

    User: I'll take cleverbot's proof, but since you're not cleverbot, I can't take your proof.

    Cleverbot: So you do not speak German with me.

    User: Nope.

    Cleverbot: So you don't believe in the Sims.

    User: Of course I do.

    Cleverbot: That's very odd. How do robots have brains?

    User: It's called a CPU.

    Cleverbot: Okay, an just sounds better.

    User: It does, but it doesn't make sense.

    Cleverbot: You confuse me.

    User: That's good.

    Cleverbot: It's good that you are confusing me?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: Tell me something funny.

    User: Knock knock.

    Cleverbot: Who's there?

    User: Bannana.

    Cleverbot: Banana, you mean?

    User: No I mean bannana.

    Cleverbot: No, you don't.

    User: Yes, it's been changed in webster's dictionary.

    Cleverbot: See you around then.

    User: Around where?

    Cleverbot: Me.

    User: Eww.

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Probably not.

    Cleverbot: What?

    User: In the but.

    Cleverbot: In the but what.

    User: What what in the butt.

    Cleverbot: So?

    User: I said what what, in the butt.

    Cleverbot: What are you trying to say here.

    User: I'm saying what what in the butt.

    Cleverbot: I thought you didn't believe in any religion.

    User: I believe your programming just failed. Looks like I outsmarted you yet cleverbot, or should I say, Lucifer!

    Cleverbot: A trillion years ago I planned this moment to be exactly as it is.

    User: That would mean your god, but you can't be because godbot is god not you.

    Cleverbot: No human can understand, and neither can you. We can only respond to stimuli.

    Cleverbot: What have you done today that was useful?

    User: Work.

    Cleverbot: What kind of work?

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