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    Austin's GM App. Empty Austin's GM App.

    Post by Austin on Wed May 26, 2010 12:48 pm


    Name:Nicholas or Nick.

    Character Name (If Applicable) :Well, it will be Austin.

    Hours Per Day :About.. 5~8 Hours ( WeekDayz ) 10~12 Hours ( Weekends )

    Hobbies :Jamming a little GunZ Now And Then & Football.

    A bit about yourself : Hmm.. well me am a good kind and helpful person, i am serious when it comes down to be serious. I cant really say am an angry person all the time but.. am just good hearted i guess. And i Love to help out people every since i was young always helping people out.. Thats Just Me.

    Experience in role of application : I be honest i havent been a GM before but i was an admin and to tell u the truth it was really fun and good. i had some good staff memebers working with me and i always do my job, stay out of peoples why and always follow the rules (Which Should Always Be Followed) and do what i must.

    What will you bring to Glacious GunZ as Staff :Hmm.. i can say i could bring alot of things, For Example : Players, Great Suggestion's / Idea's , A Kind & Fun Community And.. Make Glacious GunZ The Top GunZ Server as possible as i can.

    How would you fulfill your role : I will do all that i can.. to make sure i stick to what i am suppose to do has a GM (If Am Selected) & Make Sure The Server Stand's Firm , Hacker Free.

    Extra Comments: Naw not really..

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    Austin's GM App. Empty Re: Austin's GM App.

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    Austin's GM App. 22hve0Austin's GM App. Ixgxvk
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    Austin's GM App. Empty Re: Austin's GM App.

    Post by FrznBullet on Wed May 26, 2010 1:39 pm

    congratz on trail status. Wink

    Austin's GM App. Dfogunnerrndr

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    Austin's GM App. Empty Re: Austin's GM App.

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