Requirements for apps

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    Requirements for apps Empty Requirements for apps

    Post by FrznBullet on Wed May 12, 2010 11:58 am

    READ this before you post a thread for your application.
    I made this thread because many people apply for a position the day they join and that isn't going to happen unless you have some serious experience on multiple websites.
    Anyways here are the requirements for ALL apps.

    1) You MUST have been on this forum for AT LEAST 1 WEEK.

    2) You MUST have AT LEAST 30 posts (you can easily get 30 posts in 1 day)

    3) You MUST be active (this means you have posted AT LEAST 1 thing every other day)

    Now for devs

    1) You MUST of posted AT LEAST 2 items you created in the screenshot section

    Now for GM's

    1)You MUST be FRIENDLY to ALL member, even if they are a douchenozzle.
    (others will be asked if you are active/friendly and helpful)

    Well this is pretty much it.
    Someone should sticky this ^_^

    Requirements for apps Dfogunnerrndr

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