New requirements for developers

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    New requirements for developers Empty New requirements for developers

    Post by FrznBullet on Sun May 16, 2010 3:14 pm

    Ok we all know that us developers have had a nice long break in making items/weps for the server. Well, starting today ALL developers have to post or PM Scottie 1 item/wep, cloth set, quest, etc.. at least once every week (that's seven days). I know we are all waiting for the server to be out before we start developing for it, but we need some weapons now so we can start the server up with a lot of customs. I'm not asking you to post a fully tested weapon with in-game pics. Just a screen shot of the item or wep you are making in blender. It doesn't even have to be done, just some sort of progress. Now that does not mean you make the trigger for it then take a screenie of it then post it. I mean at least half of the item made. I've already posted a shottie yesterday so that means i'm free till next Saturday. But I'm still going to post more pics probably today and tommorrow. Also if you are working on a BIG project, make sure to make a thread with a brief description of what you are making and you'll get another week to make it. Also, if you post 2 items in one day you are free from making another for 2 weeks, but no more than that. Srry guys, but Scottie needs some serious work done.

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