How to Kill a Zombie

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    How to Kill a Zombie Empty How to Kill a Zombie

    Post by FrznBullet on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:46 pm

    EDIT: problem with title of topic, can't be fixed but whatevs.

    C'mon, everyone knows the zombie apocalypse is going to happen (preferably 2012) and when it does, you need to be prepared. here are some tips and valuable information on surviving the zombie apocalypse.
    FIRST: weapons.
    ya sure, guns are good and all but what happens when you run out of bullets and you're cornered by the rotting, half dead zombies wanting nothing more than your brains?
    The best weapons to have on hand at all time are the crowbar and the hatchet. with the crowbar you can bash a head in, you can stab it through a zombie's head and you can also open doors/sealed containers. with the hatchet you can cut off a zombie's head, break open locks, bring down a door and collect firewood. either way, the hatchet or crowbar are to be kept with at all times.

    SECOND: traveling.
    Face it. eventually you are going to have to move on to the next city either for supplies or escape a zombie infested town. when traveling always remember to travel with at least 1 other person and stick together at all times. it may seem like a good idea to split up, but don't do it unless you want to become zombie chow. also don't forget that the best way to travel is by foot. on foot you can easily out pace zombies and your limits of where you can go are endless. if you can't manage supplies by foot or need something faster then the second best is a bike. think about it. you can't run out of foot can you now? also you can bike into a forest, mountains, off-road all without a problem and you can carry more supplies quicker, and you make very little noise on a bike. only travel by gas vehicles if and only if you are transporting a group of people and a large amount of supplies, but even then the vehicle you choose could end up being your demise. zombies can crowd around your vehicle and you'll be stuck inside hopelessly. if you have to use a gas vehicle then your best bet is a tough, off road vehicle that is versatile, but even then you will be making a lot of noise and could easily alert nearby zombies.

    THIRD: tough decisions
    Yup, eventually someone in your squad will get bit, and chances are that the person has been bit a while ago and didn't tell you. if you ever do get bit by a zombie, then immediately alert your group and have someone cure the wound. remember the virus can easily be destroyed with alcohol (not the kind you drink) but only if it is poured on immediately and the wound is stitched closed then wrapped in a cloth. if you don't know how to make stitches, all you do is get a needle and literally sow the cut together with strong string or any clean and strong material. Also when you come across a group of survivors then you need to immediately check them all for bites (you may seem like a cold person, but this is necessary). Now if you find out someone has been bit a while ago and did not tell you, then it is too late for them. they will become a zombie. you then have only a few choices: kill the person, banish them from the group without supplies, or (I've seen this one in a movie) the infected person will run into a group of zombies with an explosive that he/she/it/gay/manbeast will set off after going berserk on the zombies. they will explode themselves, killing a group of zombies and will be a distraction for the survivors to get away.

    This is the basics of zombie survival. if you can handle this, then your more than likely going to survive until you do something stupid.

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